Magic Milk Tubeless is produced by OKO and it is the latest puncture sealant for mainstream MTB and XC use. It is a free-flowing product and is the strongest puncture sealant for bikes yet.
OKO Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre contains super-strong mini-fibres that will handle high pressure road tyres (tubeless/tubed) as well as low-pressure downhill/enduro/gravel racing. Unlike other race sealants, it does not clog and can be used with the OKO injector.
Natural latex and carbon dioxide do not like each other - the CO² chills the sealant and you can end up with a cottage cheese-like mess inside the tyre. Magic Milk is CO² friendly. And for the same reason, it also carries on working down to approximately -20ºC (with some others you get no anti-freeze protection) Even if it did freeze it will return to liquid when warmed, without any side-effect. Just don’t mix it with any other sealant.
Magic Milk lasts longer than typical sealants. Magic Milk normally stays liquid for 6-9 months in cool weather and 3-4 in hotter areas.
Latex based products often result in rubber lumps in your tires and on your rims. Added to that is the difficult task of removing dry latex. Magic Milk dries into an even layer, with no lumps- so just diarise your expected date for topping up, and inject some more through the valve stem (unlike other race sealants, you can use an injector) and carry on until the tyre is shredded. Magic Milk will then peel off easily and the liquid can be rinsed out.
The horrible smell you get from natural latex sealants comes from ammonia, which damages rims and tires over time. Worse yet, a large % of the population is allergic to latex. Magic Milk is developed around synthetic latexes that are ammonia-free and are much safer to the skin.
These fibres are knitted together. When you have a puncture, it allows Magic Milk to work at pressures as low as 15 psi and as high as 125psi (other race sealants get nowhere close to these extremes). Magic Milk normally stays liquid for 6-9 months in cooler climate and 3-4 in hotter climate.
No. Tyres with OKO can be disposed of via conventional recycling. All OKO products can be washed away with water.
Not especially, but caution is needed. Avoid contact with the eyes; avoid prolonged skin contact with the sticky viscous layer inside the tyre; and do not drink the product. OKO can be removed from the skin with soaps and industrial hand cleaners. If OKO gets in the eyes, wash with copious amounts of clean water.
No. Any OKO product is formulated to remain in suspension. It remains ready to stop punctures, always. Sealants that require shaking before use are bad sealants: they will deliver uneven product, and are likely to fall out of suspension again inside the tyre.
OKO Magic Milk™, like all tubeless bike sealants, will dry out: but slower than others, and it dries evenly so it can be topped up without removing the tyre, until the tyre is worn out. In hot climates top it up every 3 – 5 months, and in colder climates every 6 – 9 months.
No. There are special corrosion inhibitors in the OKO sealant formulations that inhibit corrosion in steel & alloy rims. If any residue of OKO is touching the inner rim, it can be washed off when a tyre is changed.