Throughout the development of new sealants, a number of problems remained constant: limited sealing capability, hideous ammonia smell, damaged tyres and rims, and short working life. UK-based OKO, the world’s leading tyre sealant manufacturer, set out to create a tyre sealant free from all these disadvantages. In 2014 OKO launched the latex-based sealant, OKO Magic Milk™, and ever since it has become known as the ‘Magic Milk’ for cyclists across the world. Designed to stick, created to seal, Magic Milk has the following advantages: 


Sticky Sealant

Sticky formula that clings to the inner tyre sealing porosity.


Strong sealant that seals side holes in porous tyres and cures rim/strip gaps.

Long lasting

Stays liquid for 6-9 months in cool weather and 3-5 months in hotter areas.


Ammonia-free and does not damage tyres or cause skin allergies.

CO² friendly

Magic Milk is CO² friendly, and compatible with CO² inflators.

Dries slower

Dries slower and in an even layer, without lumps.